WHEN to be a Freelance designer?

Being a freelancer means starting your own small-scale business. It also means dealing with marketing, client connections and even delivering your designs.
Starting out as a freelancer can be hard and intimidating because of all the work that it requires, but it shouldn’t discourage you from starting your own freelancing business.
Here I’ll answer top 3 questions that are asked to me as a freelance designer.

1) When should you start freelancing?

The very basic but very important question.
I have been a freelancer since 2013 when I was studying at my university. Being a freelancer during your degree is a great way to gain a few clients and real-world experience. It will help you in your grades and you will know a bit more than your fellow students.
After getting your education, I would suggest you join a company – more specifically a design studio & not as an in-house designer. Working in a well-established design firm will give you a different experience and you’ll know how work is done in a professional environment. You can implement the methods or improve them when you go solo in the future.

2) Can you freelance while having a job?

There are many small-scale & large-scale companies that will allow you to work as a freelancer while you are working for them as a full-time designer. Be sure, that you read their clause before you start freelancing.
Freelancing while having a steady job is the best way for new-bees in freelancing business. That means you don’t have to worry about not having a steady income, that way you can build your clientele side by side.

3) Skills that I should have before I start Freelancing?

The root of every successful business. I know it isn’t easy, but it’s the key to grow your connections, speaking of connections you also need to be very Social. Okay, I admit, I am not very social but I am getting there. Become social on social media like Instagram, LinkedIn, Behance & Dribbble, get to know the community. Don’t stop there, meet people who share the same interests.

Freelancing is hard, but it’s fun. You get to work on the projects that you want to work because you yourself chose it. You meet & connect with new people from different industries and they know you for you – You are the brand of your own business.
It’s never too late to go solo on this adventure.

Stay Creative!

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