Productivity Tips!

“I am productive every day” – said no one ever!

We all have days where we slack and even those days where we just want to get all things done in hours. I have found a few traditional and digital mediums to overcome this procrastination.

Being an artist I am used to pencil, pen and diary set up. I love writing, drawing and jotting down my To-Do list. I am a sucker for well-designed stationery and collect them all the time.

1) Traditional Medium: Maintain an Annual Planner/ Diary:

I have had an annual diary for a few years now but not a planner. the difference is that in a diary you write down tasks usually daily or a few days ahead but a planner is writing down tasks, to-dos, appointments etc.
A Diary has worked wonders for me, it sits there on my table telling me today’s tasks. Every time I scratch a task off I get this rush of accomplishment which will be my motivation for the next task.

The feeling of accomplishment is the main reason why we keep working hard.

2) Digital Medium: Apps:

I guess we all have our favourite apps that help us, remind us and motivate us. My most used app is Google Calendar. Its the most efficient app in terms of everything – You can control it with Google assistant, it syncs on every other device you have, you can so calendar blocking with it and there are many more reasons why I and many other people love it. There are other apps that I go to and forth with for good productivity like Evernote, Wunderlist, Forest, Todoist etc.
Schedule you work properly so that you can see everything in one look.

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Getting the hang of what works the best for you will take time. Just keep exploring options and ways that will give you that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
Stay Creative!


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