Ogilvy Branding


All designers love it and we can see why!

I love this branding & identity design created for Ogilvy by Collins. I’ve been following both of these amazing companies for a long time and it’s amazing to watch this branding & identity project done by one creative team for another creative team.

The work and the design style used for Ogilvy is amazing and aesthetically pleasing. The new brand identity and design system reflects the “One Ogilvy brand” sense & it feels more united.

Few lines of Project information from Collins about the Ogilvy project:

David Ogilvy said that “change is our lifeblood.” And in a world of emerging channels, new technologies, machine intelligence, and empowered customers; the advertising industry is experiencing change at an accelerated rate. So Ogilvy, one of the most storied creative agencies in the world, turned to COLLINS to help create a more future-facing version of themselves.
The company was already in the process of streamlining the organization, as we began the task of giving logic to a new brand architecture and designing a new visual identity. Several members of the COLLINS team had spent their formative years at Ogilvy, and this existing relationship only deepened our engagement. We began with a deep appreciation of the project’s potential. And we were honored to partner with our friends to meet this challenge.

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