Finding your Niche in today’s Creative World

Understanding your niche can be really hard. Many of us are still figuring out what Niche really is – Niche is that special thing that you are good at and can do well than other things. It can also be the thing that you like to do the most. There is one miss conception out there that a Niche has to be only one thing, NO! You can definitely have more than one Niche.

1) Make a List:

Finding a Niche can be difficult, my advice would be to make a list. Listing niches that interests you may help you a lot. It will give you a clear Idea on what you like and help you chose better. If you are a creative person and want to choose your niche, go over your likes and list them from the most liked to the least, it can be anything from Photography, Illustration to Logo design and lettering. First, write down the most elaborate topics and then write subcategories to find your personal style – for example, Photography – Travel photography, flat lay, portraits etc.
Go one step at a time so that you don’t miss anything out.

2) Experiment:

Don’t stick to what you know! Go outside your comfort zone and try new things. I was always comfortable designing logos, brand identity design but was intimidated by hand lettering but I always wanted to try it, so I did and now it’s becoming one of my Niches. If you are a calligraphy artist and wanted to always try logo designing – DO IT! You may like it more, give it a try.
Nowadays, creative heads/artist are not only doing what they are great in but support it with other things too. We see Illustration artist pumping up their game with motion design and making their illustrations come to life. Be a generalist with a speciality.

3) Earning for the long run:

Money! Here we go!
It’s very important that you question yourself if your niche will bring in some cash for you and do you see this doing for the long run? Think for the long run so that you get to love what you do and do what you love! Cliche? but wouldn’t you love it if this becomes your reality? There are many food bloggers, travel photographers, illustrators who are earning while doing what they love. Which brings me to my next point

4) Follow your Mentors/the future you:

There are amazing people on YouTube, Instagram who are influencers and who have already found their niche and they are earning from it – Follow them. See what they do, take advice, follow it and most importantly vision yourself in their shoes. If you think you can do what they do – not just the good part but also the hard work – you are almost there in finding your Niche.
Last but not least!

5) Start!

I know, it sounds obvious! But Just Start! Start your blogging, Instagramming and creating videos for your YouTube channel. While going through the process you’ll start to refine your niche and you will grow from that. You will definitely find yourself learning more about your Niche as you go. Your perspective will change and you’ll gain more confidence along the way.

I know it’s hard but you need to start somewhere! There are millions of influencers out there, see what they have to offer. There are bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers who are sharing their story daily online, learn from their success and mistakes. I’ll soon share the top influencers that I follow.

Stay Creative!


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