3 Best Inspirational Sites for Designers!

I think we all hit a dead end to creativity sometimes and it’s totally normal, but not getting our motivation right on track can be risky. A huge part of motivation depends on inspiration – I know it’s obvious, but is it simple?

The answer is “NO”.

Getting the inspiration is one of the hardest things to do for a designer – you can be a visual designer, motion graphics artist or even a fashion designer? Inspiration doesn’t come quickly to us “creative heads”, we sometimes have to wait for it.

We can always boost our creative thinking process by searching a few sites and looking at talented designer’s profiles. Here is my list of sites, which I always refer to when I am in need of desperate motivation and inspiration.

1) Behance (the obvious one):

Behance is one of the most sought out sites by many artists, may they be in graphic design, photography, fashion or even interior. Behance is an amazing platform for all creators to showcase their talent and interact with other artists.
Behance is owned by Adobe and is used not only by individual artists but by companies, schools & universities & even businesses.

2) Pinterest

If you are thinking that “Pinterest is not a real social media”, think again! Pinterest is one of the best platforms to get your inspiration from.
When in doubt – create a board (mood board)!
Yes, creating a mood board for your next project is easier on Pinterest. Pinterest will also generate similar pins/images for you to get inspired by! There are loads of creators who seek inspiration on Pinterest for their daily dose of motivation.

3) A Designer’s blogs!

Yes, this means you have to stalk your favourite artist, designer, photographer etc on their personal site! This is one of my favourite things to do. You get to read and see the personal journey of the designer or the design team.

I’ll link my current go-to designers and teams here:

a) Airbnb’s Creative Team:

b) Bonnie Tsang:

c) IDEO’s Design Blogs:

d) David Airey:




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