3 Best Free Resources for Graphic designers!

Searching for a photo for your next social media post design? Searching for a 2d illustration for an ad? or you want few abstract patterns for your next project? We all need resources when it comes to designing, maybe we are in a hurry or maybe we know someone else can do an illustration better than us! It’s a win-win situation! There are many such sites that help designers like us to use another designer’s work for free! Don’t worry, these sites make it legal! Artists who are good at illustrations, making patterns, creating logos, layout and clicking photographs upload their work on such platforms. Here are few of the best and most used FREE resources for designers!
1) Freepik
I use Freepik, not only as a great resource but for inspiration. On Freepik you have free as well as premium downloads too! The quality is great and you get design files in vector format, which then you can redesign or recolour if you want. If you are using their resources, make sure you give attribution to the right artist, supporting the artist who designed it for you!
2) Unsplash
Let’s just make this clear – of all the photography resources sites, Unsplash is the best! Visit their site and you’ll see why! The aesthetics and the quality is great plus the photographers who post their photos for us to use are so talented. From their website: ” All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible.”
3) Pixeden
You want free & realistic looking design mockups? Pixeden is your site! They have the most design inclined mockups which are not only high resolution but are very creative. Pixeden has Free & Premium mokcups for us designers who want to present their designs at it’s best!
Stay Creative!

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